Macramé: It’s Knot Too Difficult!

In our previous interior blogs and other decorative-related discussions, we have numerously mentioned a “boho wall décor.” For example, in our “Wake Up to Boho: Creating Your Own Boho Bedroom” blog, we listed this as one of the tips answering the question “How can I decorate my bedroom without buying anything?

With these interior styling blogs receiving so much love, we have noticed a number of questions about this specific boho wall décor. Because we value your interest, we will be focusing on this décor item. In this blog, we put our attention to the macramé, a boho wall décor that surely serves the bohemian aesthetics we need. The good news? You can easily make one yourself!

macramé boho wall decor

What is macramé?

A macramé is a type of wall hanging décor that is created through the process of knotting fibers together.

Macramés are believed to have a long history dating back to the time of the Babylonians and Assyrians. As to the origin of the term, some believe it originated from the Arabic word “migramah” referring to fringe, while others claim that the Turkish word makrama, meaning napkin or towel, was responsible for its birth.

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Crafting macramés was a practice that came, disappeared, and reappeared ever so often throughout the years. Macramé crafting saw its peak in the time of Victorian England partly due to the influence of Queen Mary herself. During that period, Victorian homes had at least one macramé craft within their walls.

It is important to highlight that macramé crafting was not solely for decorative purposes alone. It began by being a necessity. Arab weavers for example, merely knotted their towels and shawls to prevent the excess thread from going loose. This is considered to be the early beginnings of the craft.

Is macramé easy?

Compared to similar crafts like knitting or weaving, macramé is considerably easier and less complicated to make.

Crafting a macramé is considered easy primarily because you will be working with a thick cord or fiber. Knotting thick strands of fiber is so much easier to do. The use of thicker fibers makes it easier to follow through a pattern, spot mistakes, and redo errors along the way.

The best part is that even the most basic of knots can bring about an intricate-looking macramé. As previously introduced, you can surely make one yourself, regardless of your artistic skill level. Take the macramé image above as an example. This pattern involved only two knots to complete such an impressive design!

Macramé Wall Hanging Art
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What material do you use for macramé?

The materials that will be needed are easy to obtain and are probably just lying around your house. You will be needing a stick (or whatever material you wish to use as the support), cord or fiber, and scissors.

  • Support material – This is the material where the cord will be tied to. Some people like using a stick or branch to create a curtain-like macramé. Others like being more creative and use rings or hoops as the support material.
  • Cord/fiber – Cotton cords, twine, or even strips of cloth can be used as the main material for the macramé. When choosing the main material, make sure to consider the softness of the material. Softer material tends to make tighter and more distinctive knots. Twines that are on the firmer side tend to unknot over time. Cotton cords make very good macramé material. The texture is also vital. Smooth-textured materials tend to get loose over time.
  • Scissors – Make sure your scissors are sharp enough to cut through your chosen cord or fiber.

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How do you start macrame as a beginner?

It would be best to learn the basic macramé knotting styles first.

Here is a list of the most basic knots. Master the basics and you’re sure to perfect your macramé game in no time!

  • Larks head knot
  • Reverse larks head knot/ Cow hitch
  • Square knot

Once you get a hang of these three knots. Start advancing to more difficult patterns. Then, mix and match them to create your very own macramé!

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