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Creating Your Own Boho Bedroom – Wake Up to Boho!

What gift do you intend to give yourself this Christmas? Amid your shopping for presents, have you considered what would make you happy this Christmas?

This year is a little different due to the pandemic. However, I did realize one gift that might be commonly wanted by most people at this time. Because we spend so much time indoors, most of us probably took a good look around our house and saw some areas that needed improvement. Now that we are less distracted by outside matters, we are left to the corners of our own space. Then we ask the question “what could I do to improve my home life?”

The answer might just be—interior redecoration!

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Professionals say that how you design your space is crucial in improving your quality of rest, satisfaction, and relaxation when at home. With this, why not give yourself the investment of interior redecoration? Reinvent your space and find yourself waking up and going home to a place you love. Because your bedroom might just be your most personal space at home, why not start with that first?

There are so many interior design themes to choose from. If you’re concerned over matters like affordability, level of difficulty, and overall aesthetic, then we have the best recommendation—go boho!

What does a Boho Bedroom look like?

Why should you choose boho anyway? It’s basically because of these three strong points: minimalism, versatility, and timelessness. These three points best define what a typical boho bedroom looks like.

  1. Boho is basic and minimal

A lot of you may think of boho as a room with exaggerated patterns and overly crowded with indoor plants. While some people do prefer this “homey” aesthetic, boho can also take on a more minimalistic look. Rooted in the nomadic lifestyle of the bohemians, it is important to remember that less is more. These pictures above best capture boho in its minimalistic image. It would be most appropriate to consider this styling boho chic, because of its classy and neat variation.

  1. Boho reinvents itself

Boho’s versatility is exceptional. A room can take on a boho-themed design but at the same time still look unique and tailored to its owner’s style and personality. Take the two images above as an example. The image on the left used boho elements and gave it a more modern and industrial touch while the one on the right used tropical designs to personalized look. Boho can also be reimagined in its different variations like western boho, boho chic, and Asian boho, to name a few.

  1. Boho never gets old

Boho is an aesthetic that drew great influence from the ‘free people,’ the gypsies. It conveys a certain naturalness and comfort due to its free-spirited and effortless styling. The “natural” aesthetic is something that will never go out of style because people always tend to go back to basic. Boho’s timelessness will probably bring it generations into the future. Truly, it is a fool-proof, neutral design choice that fits the taste of most people.

How do you make a boho bedroom?

When putting together a boho bedroom there are three vital parts of the process. The first is to empty, the second is to repaint and the third is to furnish appropriately.

There is a reason why I consider boho rooms an easy project to complete. As I’ve mentioned, it takes only three steps to completely transform a room. Moreover, in the three steps previously mentioned, the first and most important step can be done with almost zero expense.

  1. Emptying and decluttering your room is very crucial to achieve the boho room look. This step hits two birds with one stone. First, it helps in achieving the spacious and empty room that we need to begin with. Remember, boho takes minimalism as a vital part of its aesthetic. Second, it is an opportunity for you to sort out the things that fit your new room theme. You can also re-use (even transform) things that have the potential to turn boho.

  1. Every artwork begins with a blank canvass. In the same way, your room needs good blank space, to begin with. Repainting is the best shortcut to making a room look new. Our strongest recommendation is to go with an all-white room. Since we are going to add colors and patterns and other boho bedroom décor later, we need to balance it out with the help of these white painted walls. If an all-white room seems too bleak-looking for you, then consider creating an accent wall. This accent wall may be painted differently (with another color other than white) or be covered with a boho-patterned wallpaper. The picture above shows the use of an accent wall covered with a vintage-styled wallpaper. We recommend that you consider Asian boho themed wallpapers for your accent walls.

  1. Last but not least is furnishing your space appropriately. Small and compact furniture work best for the boho bedroom look. Minimalistic items as well as wooden-textured ones are a must-have. Avoid furniture that comes in strong and solid colors. Instead, choose those that come in neutral colors like white, beige, grey, and brown. Decorative items that are tropical-themed are also the best accenting items for your space. Rattan items are specifically effective in bringing out a natural feel to your interior. Lastly, indoor plants bring the best hue of green to your room. They are also helpful in keeping your indoor air clean and fresh.

What are boho colors?

A boho color palette uses neutrals as base colors and adds one to two popping colors to accent the neutral base. With this formula, you could consider white, gray, and beige as the base colors, with aqua blue, electric orange, or golden yellow as the accenting colors.

Sticking to a boho color palette would be the best way to create harmony and consistency in your interior. Since you’re not hiring a professional interior designer, establishing a color palette and sticking to it would be the best hack to go about.  Stick to these color palettes when picking out even the tiniest boho home décor because these smallest detail matter.

How can I decorate my bedroom without buying anything?

Going boho for your room can be done in inexpensive ways. Decluttering, bringing in some plants, and creating boho décor yourself, are some of the best ways of doing so. You just need to put in that extra effort and creativity!

Decluttering and bringing in plants to your room can do wonders, aesthetically. But, you can still take your room redesigning a step further with these easy to do DIY boho room décor. These crafts are so doable and affordable, you can even make them without buying anything!

  • Print and Frame

There are a lot of free printables online. With the right frame, you can create your own boho wall in no time! Make sure these frames coordinate aesthetically with your existing boho bedroom décor. Western boho prints will surely work well with any wooden furniture. Consider trying that out!

  • DIY wall décor

Wall décor like this one needs three basic materials: a dried branch, rope, and scrap fabric. The internet is filled with boho bedroom ideas like these. They are also relatively easy to make!

  • Mix and Match your beddings

Mix and match patterns colors and textures with your sheets. Choose a plain and neutral-colored base and top with patterned ones. Stay consistent with a certain color palette to ensure harmony.

There’s no better gift to yourself than the gift of comfort and rest. Make sure to prioritize your comfort over the aesthetics, or else it would be a waste. Enjoy reinventing your room! You deserve it!

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