Free People

Boho Fomo blog posts about the Bohemian Free People aesthetics.

boho fitness

Boho Fitness

Drawing inspiration from the Bohemians, this week’s blog focuses on fitness routines sure to give you a sound mind, a leveled soul, and a healthy heart. Read more!

boho gypsy

The Gypsy Way Of Life

Do you ever wonder how a day looked like for the bohemians (also called gypsies and Romani people throughout our blog)? This week’s blog shows a gypsy home, what a typical family is like and how they busy themselves daily. Take a closer look at the lives of the people behind the aesthetic.


What Is A Boho-Hippie?

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is famous for being a fashion wonderland, even considered a trendsetting scene. Its attendees’ “festival looks” have had a big impact in the fashion scene, going as far as establishing it as a style category in its own right.


What Is Bohemian Style?

What does it mean to be bohemian? A lot of people are familiar with the “boho chic” style, but very few know that the bohemian style goes way beyond what most people know of it—it is a culture in its own right.

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