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Boho Winter Fashion

Bohemian style clothing is commonly associated with the summer. This is especially because it is popularized by the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The said festival is held annually in the summertime, in the famous Coachella valley in the Colorado Desert.

It is no wonder why boho chic clothing and other bohemian outfits are often styled to fit warmer temperatures. While bohemian fashion does indeed seem appropriate for a trip to the beach or a music festival, it can be made so for the winter as well!

Believe me, the bohemian fashion style is more versatile than you think. It is very much wearable throughout every season, in fact. A little fashion creativity, and an interest for exploring new styles, is all it takes.

Long boho cardigan
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Incorporating boho into your winter fashion is a great way of reinventing your winter season style. Of course, this is done so without compromising protection from the cold. The goal is to dress warmly while still expressing the free-spirited bohemian enthusiast in you!

If you share the same goal, then read on!

How do you dress Boho Chic in the winter?

Warm and cozy wear can always take a touch of boho with the help of prints, colors, details, accessories and more! Read our tips below to achieve this boho chic winter aesthetic.

  1. Play with prints and color

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The dominant identifying features of anything and everything bohemian are both print and color. You can dress warmly but still add flair by choosing a well-patterned piece just like this Cosmic Floral Puffer (pic1). In fact, this one-piece is enough to scream ‘boho chic’ by itself.  You can easily pair it with plain bottoms to balance out the energy of your total assemblage.

If prints are not your thing, then turn to color! Tie-dye garments are trademark bohemian hippie pieces, and they are good options for your winter wear too. The key is to choose a good bohemian color combination like the one on this Tie Dye Long Sleeve in Dusty Rose (pic2). The colors of dusty rose, lilac, and grey make a fantastic subtle color combination. The more I look at it, the more I see how it resembles the colors of a sunset sky. Do you see it too?

  • Pay attention to (boho) details

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Boho chic is a genius combination of classy pieces that hold a subtle but transformative boho touch. Never belittle these small boho details because they give your outfit that much needed plus!

Sweaters are winter staples, but the Aurella Knit Cardigan (pic1) in Magenta takes the sweater game a step further. Thanks to its brown, slightly wooded-print buttons, the sweater is given an accented boho feel. The way the model was accessorized with layered jewelry greatly contributed to “bohofying” this simple look. Pair this piece with similarly brown-toned boots, and your boho chic look is complete!

The same boho subtlety was achieved in this Farrah Trouser Flare piece (pic2) with its sunset-patterned strips that run throughout the pants’ sides and pocket lines. This simple detail gives a vintage boho factor to the garment. Moreover, the flare leg shape of this piece follows the open and flowy formula of basic boho wear. I totally agree with how the model was given a flowy white top and brown toned boots. Top this assemblage with the Stay Warm Jacket – Mocha Faux Sherpa w/ Faux Fur (pic3) to help keep you warm but nevertheless stylish.

  • Knit it up

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If you are one who’s easily cold, then knitted pieces are the best for you! They do the double job of keeping you warm while adding the trademark texture of boho wear. This Montreal Midi Dress in Cream Cable Knit (pic1) and this Eliane Sweater (pic2) both offer up some good texture and have good boho loose fits.

The best example of styling knits the boho way is shown in how the Florentina Sweater in Ginger was paired with a good vintage belt and a flowy floral skirt. Reinvent your typical knitted looks with this type of styling.

  • Boots for footwear

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When it comes to dressing boho for winter, you’ll never get wrong with choosing boots for footwear. They’re warming and stylish. Boots surely put the ‘chic’ in bohemian chic. Need I say more? Just look at how these boots played with both print and texture!

Lane is also specialized in high-quality boots. Living in Texas, they know exactly what it takes to make a unique pair of boots. Their goal has been to break away from the norm and create designer-quality boots with western influences. They definitely succeeded in this!

Love Your Lanes
  • Accessorize accordingly

If you followed this blog long enough, you would know how much we emphasize on accessories. It just gives your whole ensemble that finishing touch that completes the look. This is why appropriate accessorizing is critical in finishing right. For your boho winter look, a good eye for accessories is important just the same. Know what accessory works best, from top to bottom.

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For the boho look, wide brimmed hats are the go-to headwear. The Teak Rancher Boater (pic1) and The Phoenix Hat (pic2) are well-recommended pieces due to their classy but versatile aesthetic. If you’re not a hat person, then style your head differently with these handmade hair braids. They are made from quality synthetic and have a variety of shades to work with a number of hair colors. This Dory Braid especially screams boho to me.


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Moving from headwear to jewelry, again and again, we’ll emphasize on jewelry layering. Consider going for minimalistic jewelry designs since they are easier to layer. Don’t fret, a lot of these layered jewelries actually come in a set, just like this Minimalist Round Coin Necklace and this Autumn Moon Boho Necklace. They come pre-paired so, half of the hard part is done (the second half is making sure you don’t get tangled up! Careful there!).


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Skip the bracelets and explore the relatively new trend of layering rings. Just like multi-layered necklaces, these rings come in a set as well. This Knuckle Ring Set is a beauty!

Boho boot socks to keep your feet warm
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What are the best boho brands for the winter?

There are a lot of large brands out there that release boho winter lines during this cold season. While these brands are well known in this industry, our team has discovered a lot of small independent brands that promise so much potential in the area of bohemian-specific clothing. These brands don’t just release boho lines but are dedicated to producing boho-styled apparel.

Sustainability has also played a big factor in the reason why we consider these small independent brands the best ones for boho winter wear. These brands don’t mass produce and commit to operating 100% ethically.

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Most of these brands are sold under the platform of Bohemian Mama, an online retail destination that curates top independent bohemian brands. It serves as a one-stop online shop for everyone who wants to purchase top quality bohemian-inspired products that are produced ethically and sustainably.

  • Lack of Color – Lack of Color is an Australian headwear brand that produces a range of handcrafted male and female headwear. The brand prides itself on its fashion-forward designs that are styled for every season. Its founders aim to makes hats “a part of your staple wardrobe.”
  • Show Me Your Mumu – Show Me Your Mumu is a brand owned by two best friends who were inspired by the style, make, and comfort of the Muumuu (similar to the caftan or sarong). They began from “reinventing the Muumuu” to expanding their brand to include other apparel. The brand has since been involved in numerous advocacies and has sworn to produce their products ethically. 80% of their pieces are produced in the USA, with 80% of their employees being women. Just recently, they committed to involving themselves more in the advocacy to end racism.
  • The Boho Boutique – The Boho Boutique is an online boutique that focuses on producing a variety of accessories. They are based in Miami, Florida but their products are shipped globally.

These are some of the bohemian-specific brands that you have to check out. For more meaningful purchases in the future, make sure to support ethical, sustainable and small independent brands.

Dress warmly! Dress in style!

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