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COVID safe wedding ceremonies

The coronavirus has changed almost every aspect of everyday life. Everything has adopted new normal ways including online classes, remote working setups, and optimized delivery services for food and other goods. Believe it or not, even wedding ceremonies, have adapted to this new normal! A rising trend is holding a drive-in wedding ceremony in place of the traditional ceremony.

Drive-in weddings are usually held in open spaces like parks and fields because guests are made to remain in their parked vehicles throughout the whole ceremony. Some drive-in weddings even include a big screen, that broadcasts the ceremony, and food delivery services served by waiters to the guests’ cars. These drive-in weddings prove the fact that it’s not really about the ceremony or the number of guests, but more so, the celebration of the union between two people.

As much as many people agree with this sentiment, some couples still prefer personalizing their wedding from the overall theme and wedding décor down to the smallest details. According to a study conducted by The Knot, a wedding planning website, couples invest money and time on their wedding ceremony because of the emotional investment they put into it as well.

While some couples chose to compromise their wedding plans because of the pandemic, other couples opted to stick to their original wedding plans, pushing back their dates to next year instead. On the brighter side, more prep time, right?   

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Boho wedding trend 2021

Due to the hopeful assumption that 2021 will bring better circumstances, wedding ceremonies are expected to be held left and right. Even in the next year, it looks like bohemian-themed weddings will still be the trend! The Anna Sposa Group, a Ukrainian wedding fashion house even went ahead and released a Boho Bohemian 2021 bridal wear collection, in anticipation of this.

Truly, the bohemian theme best strikes the balance between elegant and laid back, a feature that probably is the reason why it is such a popular choice among couples planning for their wedding. Moreover, the bohemian theme’s simplistic nature makes it an inexpensive choice too, because the crafty décor elements can be DIY-ed. This is fitting especially for artistic couples who want to incorporate their personality into the decorative details of their wedding. In fact, DIY weddings are very trendy nowadays for this very reason.

For couples who want to try their hand in planning their boho weddings by themselves, or for those simply wanting to explore the elements of the aesthetic, read on!

What is a boho wedding?

Venue décor goes heavy on wooden structures and drapes because nothing draws “boho” better than flowy curtains hanging from wooden frames. Earthy materials like stones (gemstones especially), flowers, and other greenery are also important especially for small details like escort cards and the tablespace. Lastly, textures and prints complete the boho package by adding a simple but organic statement to vital areas like the entrance doors, the guest photo wall, and the ceremony altar. Geometric patterns and prints are common, but a newer watercolor texture option is becoming a popular choice as well.

What are wedding styles?

boho wedding style

Other than the charming venue, bohemian-themed weddings also offer a very attractive aesthetic for the wedding attire of not only the couple and the entourage but of the guests as well.

For the bride’s styling, boho emphasizes some important details. While boho gowns’ styles change together with the trends, some elements are considered indispensable. First is the loose fit; this may be applied on the sleeves, the skirt, or the back cut of the dress. Bohemian fashion is all about loose and flowy, and if the wedding gown does not, in one way or another, reflect those characteristics, then it will most likely look like a watered-down version of bohemian styling.

Second is the use of lace material. This material replicates the patterns and textures considered a signature bohemian element. The third is the “imperfect” hairstyling. Imperfect in this context pertains to doing away with any hairstyle that is polished and neat. Bohemian hairstyling relies on braids, curls/waves, and loose up-do’s. This “organized mess” of a hairstyle completes the elegant but laid-back look that we were going for. Hair accessories like flower crowns, headpieces, and other hair jewelry are simple touches that finish up this whole bridal look.

For the groom, the tuxedo look is still common, but some opt to dress down with a waistcoat/vest or suspenders and boots for footwear (some adventurous brides go for this type of footwear too). The groom’s necktie or boutonnière usually goes to match with the bride’s ensemble.

For the entourage and guests, anything that’s either a loose fit or flowy is considered appropriate to the aesthetic. It is important to have them follow a color motif to ensure visual consistency. Common boho color motifs are on the muted and neutral side, often going for pastel hues.

How do you plan a boho wedding?

A lot of couples who choose the bohemian theme for their wedding take the theme to heart, and end up incorporating boho not only to the aesthetics but to the ceremony’s program as well. Take the boho wedding of Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams for example. Their wedding program included three days of festivities, and because they were committed to their bohemian theme, they took their guests camping. They enjoyed bonfires and different outdoor activities together, leading up to the day of the official ceremony.  There is no need to go to this grand extent though. In fact, other couples do this in little ways like serving healthier meals for the reception or opting for plants or seeds as wedding favors. And because the bohemian way of life focuses on simple merriment, boho weddings are made to be very simple and intimate events.

The Takeaway

In the end, more than the décor, the attire, and the festivities, it is important to draw inspiration from the bohemian values as well. Bohemians live with a pursuit for greater things like happiness, connection, and relationships. This blog is written with sincere hope that before couples decide on holding boho weddings, they also understand this bohemian value. After all, marriage goes beyond the wedding ceremony. As no marriage is perfect, when things get rough, hopefully, these couples continue to pursue love and connection just like the bohemians do.

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