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A Boho Valentine’s Day

December gave us the opportunity to experience Christmas in Boho. From the decors, gifts, and even the Christmas menu, we applied some twists to boho ‘em up!

Now, with February fast approaching, why don’t we do the same for Valentine’s day? A boho valentine’s day is a refreshing change to the usual red hearts tradition. It’s new, it’s affordable, and it’s very much doable!

Let the month of romance be a month of embracing newness and creativity too!

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What is the real story of Valentine’s Day?

There are numerous tales about the history of Valentine’s Day, however, most of them involve the priest, Valentine. He was later granted sainthood and was considered the patron saint of Valentine’s Day.

Many people were identified to be the said patron saint, but the most recognized one was the Roman Priest, Valentine. During the tyrannical rule of Emperor Claudius II in third-century Rome, all marriages and engagements were prohibited. This was because the war-hungry emperor thought that it was difficult to recruit soldiers who were married and had families. This was contrary to the fact that soldier recruitment was slow due to the emperor’s unnecessary over-participation in war everywhere. 

Despite the prohibition, the priest Valentine stood up for love and held secret wedding ceremonies especially to soldiers before they left for war. He was soon discovered and was sent to prison where he was set to be put to death.

Allegedly, he fell in love with his jail guard’s daughter, a few days before his execution. Before being tortured and later executed, he sent this girl a note which was said to be signed “Your Valentine.” This practice has been observed to this day.

Many scholars claim that there is very little proof to support this story, however, many people still prefer to consider this as the history of the celebration.

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Why is Valentine’s Day on February 14th?

February 14th has symbolic significance to Valentine’s Day.

Some people say that this was the day of Valentine’s beheading. Although, the story behind this claim refers to another person with the same name. He was Valentine, the Bishop of Terni, and similarly known for his martyrdom after holding secret weddings during a time when it was prohibited.

Another ancient belief explains that February 14th was chosen to be Valentine’s Day because this was the time where birds, especially lovebirds, began to mate.

Is Valentine’s Day for everybody?

I believe that Valentine’s Day can be celebrated by anyone, especially because love is expressed in different ways and comes in different forms. Self-love, familial love, and romantic love can all be celebrated on February 14th.

2 tips for DIY Boho Valentine gifts

Take the typical valentine’s gifts and give them a creative boho twist!

Here are our best boho gift ideas:

  • The Boho Bouquet – switch up your bouquet styling by giving it a bohemian twist. Step up your gift’s sincerity by choosing the flowers and arranging them yourself! Whether it’s a gift to your partner, to an important family member, or to a friend, they’ll surely appreciate the extra gesture.

boho bouquet

Here’s How:

  • Choose a rustic-type color palette for your bouquet’s overall color motif.
    • The first element of your bouquet is the main flower. It must be big since it will serve as the highlight of the whole bouquet. Examples of good main flower choices include a garden rose, a Lily ‘Stargazer’, or Coral Peonies. One or three stems of this main flower will do. Next, add in small accent flowers like Pink Astilbe, Queen Anne’s Lace (Wild Carrot), or Baby’s-breath. Surround the main flower with these accent flowers. Lastly, add in your fillers with the use of different leaves and other greens. Don’t stick to one leaf type. Mix different ones to make your bouquet look dynamic. You may use eucalyptus leaves, salal lemon leaves, and brunia balls.
    • No need to wrap your bouquet, tie a lace around the stem, and finish off with a ribbon. Simplicity is key to the boho aesthetic after all. Don’t aim to make it look too perfect as well.
  • Boho Bracelet (a.k.a Promise Bracelets)

boho bracelet

Give your loved one the gift of a promise this Valentine’s Day. The internet is filled with DIY patterns for these types of bracelets. These bracelets make the perfect gifts since they are not difficult to make, but they successfully convey the messages of love and sincerity to the recipient.

How to decorate for Boho Valentine’s Day?

Typical Valentine’s Day celebrations lean towards the fancy and luxurious. Boho, on the other hand, makes use of the laid back and the simple.

boho valentines day decor

With “laidback” and “simple” in mind, we would recommend boho lounge-type setups to be a good idea for this coming Valentine’s Day. Choose colorful carpets or mats to match the aesthetic. Throw in some plain colored pillows and decorate a table with flowers for your food. Lastly, don’t forget to play with lights! Surround your setup with some scented candles, or hang some fairy lights. Add a sentimental touch by displaying special photos around. You may hang them along with the fairy lights or create a photo display wall.

hofdeco mudcloth boho pillow

Whatever your Valentine’s Day plans are, it is important to remember that it can be celebrated in many different ways. It is important not to forget the reason for the celebration—love!

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