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The Benefits of a Bohemian Bedroom for Kids

Last week’s boho baby blog dedicated a whole section on designing a boho baby room. After covering this topic, our team saw the need to discuss what inevitably comes next. These babies will surely grow up and move out of the baby crib. Consequently, the boho nursery will need to be transformed into a boho kid’s bedroom.

This blog will be your go-to guide for this boho bedroom mission.

What makes a room boho?

A boho room’s calm and relaxed aesthetic style are some of its most distinctive features. Any item of design or furniture piece that gives off this homey vibe contributes to bringing the bohemian spirit to any room space.

The culture and lifestyle of the bohemians are some of the aspects where the boho aesthetic draws inspiration from. As the boho aesthetic came about, dominating elements that characterize the original culture and lifestyle of the bohemians remained in different aspects of the style. We identified three of these elements:

  • Calm color palettes
  • Minimalistic design
  • Use of outdoor elements

These three elements make a room “boho.” We will be discussing these elements and how they can be applied in the following sections of this blog.

What colors are boho?

Calm color palettes are considered dominating elements of the boho aesthetic, as mentioned in the previous section.

Since the term “calm colors” can be quite vague, we will be breaking this down for you.

Generally, boho colors have a pastel hue. These pastel colors help create the calming and relaxing atmosphere of a boho design. The composed palettes for the kidsrooms above all have the similar formula. They follow a neutral-to-accent color formula with a 3:2 ratio. This means that these palettes use a predominantly neutral palette with the addition of one to two accenting colors.

There really is no rule as to your taste for color. You can stick to the traditional pastel palette or veer towards the more eccentric colors. Make your children part of the designing process. Make them choose which color styling they would prefer for their room.

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Why do kids and parents love a boho bedroom ?

A bohemian kids’ bedroom will surely be loved due to its clean and spacious interior.

Initially, most parents question how kids would enjoy spaciousness and cleanliness at their young age. This should not be taken literally though. These are factors that will soon be appreciated by both kids and their parents in the long run.

The cleanliness of the boho interior is due to its minimalist and simplistic styling. As mentioned in the first section, we identified “minimalistic design” as a classic element of a typical boho room. The strength of this simplicity factor is how the room can provide versatility to the owner of the space. As we all know, kids’ fads last for only a short period. They may want princesses and superheroes to fill their room one day and would later shift to posters of their favorite bands, the next day. For this reason, heavily decorating the kids’ room will prove costly and wasteful. However, when working with a boho room interior, it will not be difficult to change up room décor themes as the aesthetic itself is very versatile. Surely, kids will love having the chance to redesign their room from time to time.

Spaciousness is also an added factor when it comes to bohemian kids’ rooms. Kids need as much space they can get. Other than numerous stuffed toys and action figures filling the room, they need space for their hobbies and other activities. If they are provided the space they need within their room, they are less likely to bring their “mess” to other rooms of the house. This is undoubtedly a game-changer for parents too!

Unicorn Lamp
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How do I decorate a kids’ bedroom in bohemian style?

There are three major elements to give attention to when decorating kids’ bedrooms in bohemian style: boho furniture, boho decoration, and boho colors.

boho furniture
  1. Boho furniture – Other than the primary bedroom furniture such as the bed, the closet, and a study table, you can add fun boho furniture such as those in the image above. Bare wood structures, mini teepees, and a hammock are great furniture additions as well to amplify the room’s boho vibe. Your kids will surely love these too.

  1. Boho decoration – There are numerous boho decoration choices available to you, that it can get overwhelming at first. For this reason, we will focus on boho decorations that add a big boho statement to your space without much effort. First, we have accent wallpapers. Accent wallpapers are different from traditional wallpapers. They do not cover all walls of the room but instead cover only one side; a side that you see fit to be highlighted. The first picture above used the wall behind the bed to stand as the accent wall. The wallpaper used in this wall must work with the wall color of the rest of the room. You can also DIY your boho decoration as seen in the image above. The kite crafts surely add some free-spirited boho vibes to the otherwise plain colored wall.

Boho Wallpaper
Easy to use!
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Second, we have boho beddings and pillows. As discussed in our boho bedroom blog, boho beddings mix and match colors to create a carefree aesthetic. Pillows can come in different sizes too. You can even throw in some fun-sized pillows like the one below!

Cute Cloud Pillow
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How do you create a boho room on a budget?

DIY crafts are the most budget-friendly alternatives to interior designing.

 Here are some DIY décor crafts you may want to try out:

Another budget-friendly décor piece would be indoor plants. Going back to the elements we identified in the first section of this blog, bringing in some “outdoor elements” helps create the boho vibes without spending much. Also, it helps in creating a healthier environment for your kids’ sleeping space.

Extend the boho love to your kids!


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