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Celebrating A Boho Easter Holiday

Easter is around the corner and it’s almost time we see the Easter bunny with its colorful Easter eggs again. As we approach the Easter season, we decided to focus this week’s blog on the historical significance as well as aesthetic aspects of the celebration.

Easter is originally a festival of the Christian Church celebrating the rising of Jesus Christ from death, three days after his crucifixion on the cross. Despite the event of Jesus Christ’s resurrection occurring earlier on, the earliest record of the celebration of Easter was around the 2nd Century.

It was in the 1700s when the Easter bunny became a symbol of the holiday. The bunny is not once mentioned in the Bible, however. Instead, it was a myth of German influence. The German’s belief described an egg-laying hare said to symbolize new life. The Germans then began a myth involving an Easter bunny that brings colorful eggs filled with treats to good and well-behaved children.

Easter eggs have a religious symbolism and, on another account, a link to pagan traditions. Theological scholars explain that the Easter egg is believed to represent the empty tomb of Jesus Christ due to his resurrection. On the other hand, following the pagan explanation, the egg represents renewal and the coming of spring.

The Easter season, despite having Christian roots, is still observed by both Christians and non-Christians alike. While Christians acknowledge Jesus Christ’s resurrection as the reason for the season, the general population regard it as a celebration of new beginnings, and an opportunity to restart. With a very positive and liberating concept underlying the celebration, wouldn’t it be a great idea to celebrate a boho Easter holiday this year? A bohemian Easter celebration seems to be a promising endeavor, don’t you think?

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How do you make easy bohemian Easter decorations?

The Easter bunny and the Easter eggs are considered by most people as the heavily advertised symbolisms of the holiday. We recommend that you focus your bohofying on these two aesthetic themes and you’ve got most of the work done.

A boho Easter bunny

Who said your bunny has to be a three-dimensional craft? An easy DIY silhouette bunny cutout is good enough to bring in some Easter feels into your home. We recommend that you opt for pastel-colored materials to easily bring out the boho in your Easter bunny décor. Don’t stress, simplicity and minimalism are the keys to a successful boho setup.

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Bohemian Easter eggs

While Easter egg painting is a common Easter activity, the creating of bohemian Easter eggs needs a little more creativity. Here are three ways to create a unique boho Easter egg setup: dress them up, print them up, and paint them up.

  • Dress them up – This is what we consider the road less taken when it comes to Easter egg decoration. Instead of the usual painting method, fancy up your Easter eggs by laying down décor around them and sticking/tying different decorative items of choice to them. Observe the first picture. A few floral ornaments and feather décor surround the Easter eggs to serve as decorative accents. I am in love with how a boho twist was incorporated into this setup!

boho easter egg

  • Print them up – Floral and printed patterns trademark elements to the bohemian aesthetic. This may require a little more detail and precision, but the results are mesmerizing. The second photo depicts the charm of boho printed eggs.

boho printed eggs

  • Paint them up – Just because painting Easter eggs is common, doesn’t mean it’s an automatic pass. You can still bohofy through painting. This is especially a good idea for those who struggle a little with arts and crafts. Consider ombre painting your Easter eggs. They’re a clear nod towards the Boho Hippie aesthetic category. They are also very easy to achieve! Just look at how the Easter eggs turned out in the last picture. Very much unique, very much boho!

boho printed easter eggs

Make DIY boho decorations for Easter on a low budget

To successfully achieve a boho Easter setup even with a limited budget, make sure to use materials that you already have.

Here are some tips to achieve a low-budget boho easter setup.

  • Use real eggshells instead of buying their ready-made, plastic counterparts – On the days leading to Easter, when cooking recipes with eggs, blow out the egg contents instead of cracking the eggshell. This will allow you to preserve the whole eggshell for Easter crafts later. It may take some practice to successfully preserve the eggshells, but YouTube is filled with video tutorials on how to nail this step.
  • Set up your décor on your garden or any green space available to you – Easter décor has so much “outdoorsy” vibes associated with it, probably because the (Easter) bunny is a garden animal. So, the most budget-saving venue for your décor might just be your garden. With a little Easter egg décor and a cute bunny cutout (just like the one we recommended in the previous section), you have yourself an inexpensive, but charming Easter setup for you and your family to enjoy.

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Boho Easter decoration tips

A sure-fire boho décor hack is to use statement bohemian décor items to effortlessly achieve the aesthetic.

What are statement bohemian décor items applicable to the Easter holiday? Here are some boho Easter decorations you might want to take note of: 

  • Baskets and other decoratives made of plant fibers such as twigs, reeds, and cane bring out the rustic aesthetic of boho.
  • Floral accents do wonders in bohofying an otherwise simple ensemble.  
  • Minimalist wooden ornaments are tap on the boho chic aesthetic.

boho easter decorations

What are good boho Easter gifts?

Easter gifts are more on the small-scale side, usually focusing on sweet treats and small toys.

Initially, Easter is not a gift-giving holiday as much as Christmas and maybe even Valentine’s Day is. However, due to the evolving of customs, and a whole lot of commercializing, “Easter is beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” as writer Wency Leung wittily puts it.

Similar to the Santa Claus custom, parents have been taking up the role of the Easter bunny to add a little excitement to the holiday. Still, in the end, it’s totally up to you if you want to practice this gift-giving tradition on Easter. If ever you do decide to do so, here are some Boho Easter gift ideas that might come in handy:

  • Easter-themed cupcakes
  • Any egg-shaped treat 
  • Habit building tools to encourage good new beginnings

Have a Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Decoration
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