Boho Christmas DIY For A Small Budget

The Christmas season is a season of joy and cheer. To add to that, it is also the season for creativity, resourcefulness, and imagination.

Here’s where I’m going with this. Christmas is also a season of celebration and giving. This is the time when we spend a little more on special dishes, gift-giving, and some charity work as well. With so many things on the spending list, it would be wise to cut off some costs on things that we can create rather than buy. I’m talking about some DIY for your Christmas décor!

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It’s one thing off your spending list, it’s fun and it can even be a family activity. Moreover, it still gets your family into the cheery spirit, nevertheless. With so much time spent inside the house due to the pandemic, this shouldn’t be so hard.

The Christmas crafts that we compiled in this week’s blog, range from simple to moderate difficulty. This is to ensure that every household finds these crafts fun and doable. Most of these crafts also require materials that may be lying just around the house.

 Note, these crafts are boho chic-themed and are geared towards a less traditional Christmas aesthetic. If you’re open to trying that out, then gladly follow through!

What can be a DIY alternative to Christmas tinsels and garlands?

Christmas tinsels and garlands are season décor staples for almost every household. But you can try out something new this year by swapping these out with some handcrafted boho garlands!

  1. Book page feather garlands

Yes, the main materials for this craft are book pages from old books or the ones that you no longer read. Book pages are ideal for their thickness and classic dirty white to a yellow hue.


  • Collect book pages and cut them into this feather-like shape as shown below. You may make the feather shape vary in size to make it a little craftier.
book page feather garlands

  • Stick a wire in the middle of this feather similar to a leaf stem.
  • Tie the wire to whatever string or twine of your choosing, ensuring that feathers are evenly spread and spaced.
  • You may add little designs here and there, according to your taste. You may add some gold glitter and add color to the feathers, or you may clip up some polaroid pictures to add sentimentality to your décor.

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  • Pinecone garlands

If you are lucky enough to have pinecones lying out in your garden, then take the sweet time of collecting them and turning them into décor! This pinecone garland goes well with the book page feather garland and can work as complementary décor items.


  • Collect pinecones and make sure they are clean and free of leaves.
  • To match your book page feathers, you may add gold glitter to the pinecones too.
  • Screw some eye hooks to the top of the cones to make sure they stay hanging the whole duration of the season.
  • Insert the twine or string into the eye hook and tie them around 4” apart. Use the same twine you used with the book page feather garland if you plan on matching these two decors together.

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What are some good boho ornaments for the Christmas tree?

Christmas balls are go-to Christmas tree ornaments. But since we’re changing up our aesthetic for this year’s tree, we are looking to use some boho alternatives. The good news? They’re DIY crafts! No need to hit the mall!

  1. Handcrafted twig ornaments

Probably the only challenge in this craft is finding good twigs. Once this part is done, the rest follows easily.


  • Collect good branches and cut them into twigs (according to your design). The most basic pattern is the star-shaped one below, but you can always venture to more difficult snowflake patterns.
  • Assemble your twigs into the desired shape and glue them together using hot glue (or tie them together with some colorful wool or thin sisal rope)
  • Use some wool or sisal rope to hang them on your tree!
  • You can always add some glitter or splatter paint to match your ornaments with whatever color motif you’re going with this year.
handcrafted twig ornaments

  • Newspaper balls

If you have old Christmas balls from last year, you can spruce them up instead of buying new ones. This craft brings your aesthetic back to basic.


  • Collect your old unbreakable Christmas balls and some newspaper
  • Cut your newspaper into strips. It would be best to use the black and white pages if you’re going for the basic aesthetic.
  • Use project glue to stick strips of newspaper onto the ball and allow it to dry.
  • If you feel like adding more art, you may consider writing some words on the balls. If you have a talent for calligraphy, do so, or add other artistic touches if you like.

How to create a boho Christmas wreath?

Do a little something new for your front door this Christmas. Instead of the typical Christmas wreath, try out this Handmade Bohemian Christmas Wreath. It’s easy, it’s new, and it’s very much Christmas-y.


  • Similar to the twig ornament process, collect branches and cut into twigs of desired length.
  • Assemble into a round-shaped frame with iron wire (or use a iron frame and tie the twigs with colored wool or thin sisal rope). You can paint it white for added bohemian chic class.
  • Attach flowers of your choice. We would recommend the poinsettia to add some Christmas red to your front door décor.
  • Make sure to keep the flowers light and minimalistic as this is the boho touch we are going for. You can add some greenery to increase bohemian appeal.
  • Use a thin sisal rope to hang this ornament.
  • Decorate your front door with it!
boho christmas wreath

Save from the fact that we are celebrating Christmas amidst a pandemic, let’s still make this year’s celebration special. Challenge yourself a little bit more and try out these DIY crafts. Bring the rest of your family along and enjoy the creative process together. After all, Christmas is about togetherness, right?

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