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Start Them Young: The Boho Baby

Weeks ago, we published a blog on throwing boho baby showers. The thought came to us that if boho enthusiastic parents wanted to incorporate the bohemian lifestyle into their parenting methods, it would take more than just a baby shower party. In fact, parenting is more of what comes after the baby shower!

With this, we decided to delve more into the topic of parenting the boho way. From the heavy and more serious side of parenting to the lighthearted and fun stuff, this blog got you covered! Give our blog ‘The Boho Baby Shower Organizer’s Guide” a read too if you haven’t yet.

boho baby aesthetic

What does Boho mean?

Bohemian” also known as “Boho” is a lifestyle, styling, and aesthetic category that draws influence from the culture and way of life of the Romani people, also known as the original bohemians.

Some of the main elements of the bohemian lifestyle center on simplicity, sustainability, and creativity. These too are the aspects best put in the context of parenting. Here’s what we mean by this:

  • The Bohemian way of nonmaterialism – Bohemians are known for their simple way of life. They are especially known for their pursuit of “greater things” far beyond those within the material realm. In parenting, this is best incorporated in the value of focusing on needs rather than wants. Raising a child sure isn’t cheap. But there are ways on how to cut down the costs. This is the point where simplicity benefits a family best. When a child grows up in an environment where nonmaterialism is practiced, they are also more likely to understand how happiness is one that comes from meaningful relationships and general life satisfaction.
  • Sustainability – Bohemians are free people that relate to the environment on a different level. They were nomads for a long period after all. For this reason, they live more sustainably and in more environmentally conscious ways than others. In terms of parenting, sustainability can be practiced from choosing more sustainable items for your baby’s needs, to actually training your child to recycle and reduce the use of single-use items. A lot of companies targeted at parent customers have also released eco-friendly products such as good quality cloth diapers, to contribute to this environmental cause.

In the long-term, children that are made aware about the impact of their actions towards the environment are more likely to make more responsible and informed decisions as they grow.

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  • Self-Expression & Creativity – Creativity and self-expression are two largely associated terms to the bohemian culture. Bohemians are accustomed to creating their own personal items not only for the sole purpose of creativity but also due to necessity back in the day.

In parenting, parents who encourage creativity and the arts are also helping the brain development of their child. Moreover, households that welcome self-expression create a more warm and honest home environment to their children; one that has proven to contribute greatly to the holistic wellness of a child.

What is a boho nursery?

boho baby nursery

A nursery is also known as a “baby room.” It is the room where the toddler and his/her baby items are placed. A boho baby nursery is a baby room that draws interior styling inspiration from different boho decorations and aesthetic guides.

The most common formula to a boho baby nursery is as follows:

  • Pastel-colored walls
  • An accent of patterned items like rugs and carpets
  • An inclusion of indoor plant arrangements
  • A clean and uncluttered furnishing
  • Use of wooden furniture and other boho decoration items

How do I start a boho nursery?

Starting a boho baby nursery begins almost the same way one would start re-decorating any other room. It is first important to know the space that you’re working with. This is in terms of floor area, ventilation, as well as lighting. Next would be the repainting of walls. Repainting the walls is one foolproof way of recreating an existing space. White and other pastel colors will surely work well for your boho nursery. Last would be the furnishing. Do not get carried away by all the baby items you see in store windows. Only buy what you need especially because we are aiming for a spacious uncluttered arrangement for the boho baby room. It is a plus if you can find wooden furniture and other boho decoration just like the hanging baby swing seen in the picture above.

For extra décor, dreamcatchers are a good idea. They can be easily crafted too! For lighting, make sure to keep it simple and functional. There is no need for fancy lighting in your baby room anyway. Also, consider adding some plants. Not only does it help in maintaining the aesthetic, but it is also healthy for your baby’s health.

Boho baby fashion tips

boho baby fashion

Knits and head accessories are the easy answer to boho baby fashion questions.

Because bohemian style clothing is all about laid back styling, boho baby fashion achieves this with the help of knits. Knitted baby clothes make a strong boho fashion statement for your little ones. They also make good at home crafts especially for the parents who have the time (and talent) to do some knitting themselves.

Aside from knits, boho headwear are good baby fashion items as well. A flower crown, floral bandana or baby turban works magic when it comes to transforming your baby into a bohemian fashionista!

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