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The Boho Baby Shower Organizer’s Guide

Did you know that the Duchess of Sussex, former actress Meghan Markle, was thrown one of the most expensive baby showers ever?

Members of the British Royal Family are not accustomed to throwing baby shower parties. But for the case of Markle, her best friend, world-renowned athlete Serena Williams, insisted to throw a grandiose one for her. The party’s cost is estimated to be around $200,000, but the actual cost may be a little higher than that, especially because it was held in the penthouse suite of the Mark Hotel in New York City.

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While some expectant parents prefer forgoing the baby shower, others appreciate a little bash to welcome the newest family addition. What is it about this celebration that makes it so special anyway? Why do people make such a fuss about throwing a baby shower?


Why should you have a baby shower?

Baby showers are held to celebrate the coming of new life. This is especially grand for first-time parents. It is an opportunity for close friends and family to “shower” the baby and its parents with gifts to help with their family life transition, from two, to three (or more).

Preparing for the new role as parents is no easy task. Aside from emotional preparation, the baby’s needs can cost a lot. The baby shower is a party that aims to help with this. However, aside from this gifting aspect, it is also a celebration of life’s gift. The immeasurable joy of celebrating the impending birth of a baby is best shared with the people that matter. Besides, becoming parents is a big milestone and one that doesn’t happen to everyone.

Usually, someone close to the couple, such as a best friend, a mother or sister-in-law throws the party for the expectant parents.


What is a boho baby shower?

Most baby showers are organized with a chosen theme in mind. Incorporating the boho theme to vital aspects of the baby shower party bring about a boho baby shower. Boho-themed parties are becoming a trend these days. Because boho is a theme that can be easily DIY-ed, a lot of self-organized and tight budget parties tend to prefer this styling.

How do you decorate in bohemian style?

Consistently incorporating the bohemian theme to the venue design, food menu, party favors, and all the fun little details is the most basic way to organize your very own boho baby shower.

Interested in throwing someone close to you a boho baby shower? We will be breaking down these party checklist items for you. Here are some baby shower ideas:

  • The bohemian venue

boho baby shower venue

Ensuring the success of organizing a themed party begins with choosing the perfect venue. For boho baby showers, outdoor venues would work wonders in bringing about the relaxed outdoor vibes original to boho-themed parties. A garden café or simply the couple’s own backyard would work as great options. However, if these are not available to you, or if the weather seems to be unpredictable in your area, you can make do with indoor venues too. Indoor venues need a little more effort on the baby shower décorations compared to outdoor ones. But if you enjoy the decorating process, then why not?

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For the baby shower decorations, make sure to stick to pastel colors as your color motif. When expecting a baby girl, you can make use of baby pink, white, and pastel shades of brown like burlywood, camel, or navajo white. When expecting a baby boy, powder blue, grey, and silver are good motif choices.

If you have the option, use wooden furniture especially for the tables and chairs. Go light on the patterns and merely use them to accent your wooden furniture. Make sure not to overwhelm. For your photo wall or main background, make use of tassel décor, or pennant banners. You can DIY these décor items to cut down on costing. There are many free printables on Pinterest for you to try out. You can also set up a vintage photo wall where you can display the maternity shoot photos of the couple. This adds personality to your party.

  • The Boho Dessert Bar

boho dessert bar

Setting up a dessert bar adds a refreshing “kiddie” atmosphere to your party. Yes, adults still very much enjoy sweets and guests will surely enjoy this treat. A dessert bar is also very helpful in completing the look of the party’s theme. In fact, with a well decorated dessert bar, you will no longer need to decorate other corners of your venue.

When choosing your baby shower cake, we strongly recommend going with a naked cake design. There’s no cake more boho than that! Also, make sure to stick to your chosen color motif to achieve consistency.

  • The boho party favors

boho party flavors

Nothing can beat potted plants in the number one spot when it comes to bohemian party favor ideas! We especially recommend deciding on succulent plants. However, if you want something a little different, consider jar cakes or jars with little sweets. They’re tasty and very boho chic!

  • The guest dress code

 When establishing the dress code, it can be a little stressful for the guests to find an outfit that fits the party’s theme. To put a little less burden on your guests, have them dress in accordance to a color motif. Then, upon arrival in the party venue, hand out flower crowns, bandanas or scarves for the female guests and hats or vests for the male guests, so they better match the theme. Rattan hats for both male and female guests is a very promising option as well! These items can also serve the double function of being the party favor, especially if you want to cut down on the party expenses.

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What are boho colors for a baby shower?

Pastel colors are very much appropriate for baby showers because of its calm and gentle hue. Most of the time, baby showers are held after the baby’s gender is revealed. Knowing the baby’s gender prior to organizing the party is very helpful in drafting your décor theme. Commonly, a pink palette is used for a baby girl and a blue palette is chosen for a baby boy. However, this is not written in the books and you are still free to choose whatever color scheme you wish.

When the couple chooses to wait out until birth, then the baby shower can utilize both pastel pink and blue or more neutral colors like green and yellow.

Excited to try these baby shower ideas? Talk to us in the comments.

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