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Bohemian Interior Series Continued: Boho Living Room

Our recent blog ‘Creating Your Own Boho Bedroom – Wake Up to Boho’ was a styling guide on how to give your bedroom a boho-themed interior. Ever since its posting, we have received good feedback from those who were interested in trying it out. Following this positive response, we have decided to continue our boho interior series! For this week, we are moving out of the bedroom and into one of the most frequented areas of the house—the living room.

First impressions last. While a lot of people argue that impressions can change over time, there still is something to starting things off with a positive “bang.” Taking this philosophy and applying it to the art of interior design, we can conclude that your living room’s atmosphere is crucial in setting the design tone for the rest of your home.

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With this in mind, we will be moving forward to this redecorating endeavor with the goal of giving our living room a statement look strong enough to speak for the rest of your home’s interior. Do not take this as a lot though. With boho as your main theme design, things won’t be as difficult as you imagine.

Because we will be using similar design techniques as those discussed in our previous interior blog, you might want to check that out first.

What is bohemian interior style?

A typical boho living room leans towards a tropical-style interior. This tropical design involves the use of peaceful color hues, natural materials and other décor that represent the characteristic of different elements of nature like the sky, the ocean, and flora.

While tropical designs may be the go-to option when it comes to bohemian living room styling, know that boho can be incorporated with other styling options to your liking. As emphasized in our previous blog, the bohemian aesthetic is versatile. It can be expressed through a variety of other aesthetic categories.

What is modern boho style?

Modern boho is a modification of the traditional bohemian aesthetic that incorporates modern elements.

Some of the most identifiable elements to general modern design include definitive and clean lines (less use of curves), uncluttered and spacious look, simple and functional furniture, and use of reflective material like glass and steel. Modern boho takes these identifiable elements and mixes it up with boho’s charming points.

Understandably, we may initially regard this pair-up as incompatible. However, when done the right way, it creates a neutral look between the two opposing style themes. Take the pictures above as a display of this range. The left-most image portrays traditional boho, while the right-most photo is of pure modern display. The picture in the middle is the artistic mix of both—modern boho.

How do you make a boho living room?

Because we will be working with our existing space, we will lean towards more subtle changes instead of big scale modifications. Most of these tips involve choosing the right boho home décor to suit your boho styling.

  • Use carpets and rugs

It is always a good idea to ‘rug it up’ when styling boho. The boho aesthetic is known for its homey and comfortable type of style. With the use of a carpet, half of this job is done. Whether it be heavily printed, simply pattered or weaved with natural material, any carpet would work just as well. When in doubt, a plain pastel-colored carpet would be the safest choice.

  • Add texture with décor made with different materials

Boho finds beauty in imperfection. It’s styling philosophy encourages a mixture of different textures to bring about this dynamism. The best textures to incorporate are knits, natural material such as wood and rattan, and industrial accents like metalwork.

  • Plants, and more plants

Plants bring the charm of the outdoors, indoors! Not only do plants help make your air clean and fresh, but they add an extra rustic feel to your interior. Take your styling an extra step further by coordinating your plant pots to fit your chosen color palette.

  • Use light and breathable colors

Pastel colors and other colors on the lighter, brighter side of the spectrum are considered boho colors. The key is to incorporate more whites and other neutrals, and limit the use of black and other midnight colors. 

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What is the Boho Interior Design Trend for 2021?

It looks like boho is still part of 2021’s interior style list. Boho chic and hippie boho, especially, are anticipated to be a popular choice for interior design.

While boho continues to gain attention for its timeless aesthetic, the year 2021 anticipates a more hippie variation to enter the mainstream. Instead of the typical pastel theme for colors, more vibrant colors might find its way into home designs.

Also, as we ease into the new year, with the pandemic still around, people are expected to explore and try DIY home projects ranging from small projects to large-scaled ones.

Make your dream modern boho living room a reality! Tell us about your bohofying journey in the comments.

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